Introducing Plural

A striking new collection from VitrA Bathrooms, designed in collaboration with
Milan-based American designer, Terri Pecora.

Inspired by the heritage of communal bathing spaces and rituals, the award-winning Plural collection presents the bathroom as an informal living space, making it the new heart of the home. Organic-shaped design elements can be used in multiple combinations to form a personalised intimate setting, while a neutral colour palette and American Walnut wood finish bring a sense of warmth and domesticity.

“We wanted to create a new methodology that responds to the recent evolution of the bathroom ritual. We focused on the time spent in the bathroom and our interaction within the space rather than the products. This led to reinterpreting the bathroom as a social hub.”

Erdem Akan, Design Director, VitrA


There are three innovative syphon solutions. One allows the ceramic basins to be placed at various angles as an alternative to the conventional positioning by the wall, encouraging users to face each other and engage with their surroundings. Another has been designed specifically to enable washbasins to be mounted in an open bathroom space while retaining a clean and minimalistic look. The third allows for the fitting of column basins at free angles in the room instead of the more common 90° angle to the wall. The range also includes a mirror which can rotate between two basins.

An interview with Terri Pecora

What inspired you to become a designer?
I first noticed design as a young girl growing up in Southern California while playing at friends’ modern style, indoor-outdoor houses.

You’ve worked across multiple design disciplines – fashion, graphics, product design – what do you enjoy the most?
My true love is product design. I love seeing something abstract become reality through the long and arduous process of production.

You’ve worked with some very high-profile design brands including Edra, Zanotta, Bisazza to name a few. What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on and why?
It might sound like I’m making this up…...but my most exciting project to date is Plural: I was inspired to work with such a large team of professional people at VitrA. You have to be creative and think fast on your feet to find the right compromises and solutions within the realities of production. At VitrA, there is an interesting blend of technology and sophistication, melded with the emotion of their ancient territory.

"It was really inspiring to talk to designer Terri Pecora who has broken up the bathroom layout and created a series of organic-shaped units, sinks, mirrors and shelves that can be combined together in different ways to suit your space. I love that the designs look like contemporary pieces of furniture not sterile sanitaryware devoid of personality, because why not treat the bathroom like any other room in the home?”

Cate St. Hill, interiors writer and stylist

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American Walnut wood

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